ODDITIES THEATER: The Fountain (2006)

After a loooonnnngggg, llllooooonnnggggg week, here it is, Saturday again! Let's get weird! I'm excited to share today's film with you, as it comes from one of my all-time favorite filmmakers, Mr. Darren Aronofsky. Every couple years I revisit his entire filmography. It's just about time I went through them again, which makes this particular … Continue reading ODDITIES THEATER: The Fountain (2006)

ODDITIES THEATER: Stay Tuned (1992)

It's Saturday! Wanna get weird? I have just the thing for you. This week we'll be watching a childhood favorite of mine, Peter Hyams' Stay Tuned, starring John Ritter and Pam Dawber. This movie is nuts. To sum it up briefly, Roy and Helen are having marital troubles, mostly due to Roy's obsession with television. … Continue reading ODDITIES THEATER: Stay Tuned (1992)