ODDITIES THEATER: The Greasy Strangler (2017)

It’s July 16th, 2022. Saturday. Time to GET WEIRD.

This week we’re getting REAL WEIRD. Are you ready for that? Surely the last 7 months of weird film have prepared you for this, no? What happens if you’re not ready? Will your brain melt into some gelatinous goo and leak out your ear holes? Will your heart swell and burst through your ribcage? Or will you simply just lay down and cry due to the heightened level of absurdity revealing itself to you in its purest form right there on your television screens?

Everyone reacts differently. I’m excited to see which one you are. For those of you who’ve followed Doom Fiction closely over the years, you have nothing to worry about. You’ve embraced your weird and films like this only make you more powerful. I salute you!

Okay, so the film we’ll be watching this week is:


Yes, it’s about a man who greases himself up and strangles people. It quite obvious who the killer is right from the beginning, but discovering secrets isn’t what makes this film fun. This movie has a certain trashy charm that is endearing and lighthearted, however still manages to be disgusting and utterly… well, stupid. It’s great. I love it. I’ve seen it 3 times now. I hope you love it as well.

Alright, weirdos, it’s time to pop up your snack corn, tear open those candy bar wrappers and veg out for a couple hours. Happy viewing!

You all have a great [weird] weekend! Talk soon.

NOW AVAILABLE: Goddamn Electric Nights (audiobook)

It’s finally here, and just in time for the weekend too! Goddamn Electric Nights is finally available in audiobook format!


When electricity hangs in the air so thick the moon and stars fizzle and drown in a sea of light, the people living within it, breathing it in, can never be “normal.”

From disfigured mutants accidentally murdering god to a man falling madly in love with a blood-thirsty VCR, we promise you’ve never read anything as bizarre as this!

In these six tales, Pauley explores the lives of those living in the darkest corners of the world, those living electric:


Contains the stories:

1) Slime Night!
2) Killing Teddy (previously published under the names Insection 8 and The Third Floor)
3) The Spiders of Honeyville
4) Hypnagogia
5) $5 Electric Suzie
6) Spin Doctors Mixtape

A Portrait by Alexander T. Cardosi

The wonderfully talented Alexander T. Cardosi (who did the original artwork for both the first edition of Doom Magnetic and the newest edition of The Doom Magnetic Trilogy) sent me this incredible portrait last night!

William Pauley III by Alexander T. Cardosi

Alexander is doing a phenomenal job of keeping New Orleans weird and interesting to look at. I’m so pleased my ugly mug has gotten the Cardosi treatment. It is a true honor. Thanks, Alexander! 💙

ODDITIES THEATER: Time Masters (1982)

It’s Saturday, folks… so let’s get weird.

Today we’ll be watching a cool little animated flick called Time Masters. The story is a little slow in places, but the animation is of the highest quality. We have the brilliant Moebius to thank for that. Just check out these freezeframes I took of the film. Absolutely stunning.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for weird science fiction. Hopefully you are as well. If so, you’re really going to enjoy this one. It’s very much in the same vein as Heavy Metal, if you’re familiar with that one.

Alright, so as they say in the movie: “Shut your eyes, humans, and open your minds.”


1000 ratings!

Incredible! Doom Fiction books now have 1000 ratings on Goodreads! We celebrated 900 ratings on June 13th, and here we are just 3 weeks later sitting at 1000. Outstanding. Mind officially blown.

Things are moving so fast I can hardly keep up with it all! You all are seriously the best ever, and that’s why I’m now doing the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done…

300 books! Yes, I’ll be giving away 300 books over the next few days! Everyone is eligible to enter!

The books I’ll be giving away will be the three pictured above: The Tower, White Fuzz, and The Astronaut Dream Book. <—click the titles to access the link for each giveaway.

Good luck! And seriously, thank you so so so much. Knowing these weird little stories are connecting with you all means the world to me. Thank you!