Mr. Malin and the Night (novella), 2006, New Flesh Books, re-published in 2016 by Carrion Blue

If You Don’t Sleep, You Don’t Dream. (novella), 2007, New Flesh Books (also part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

The.Living.Daylights. (poetry collection), 2007, New Flesh Books

LIVINHELL (collection), 2007, New Flesh Books

The Lump (short), 2008, MicroHorror, The New Flesh, (also part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

The 612 Fingers of a Strange, Wicked Man (short), 2008, MicroHorror, The New Flesh

Archfiend Inside (short), 2008, MicroHorror, The New Flesh

Desperate Measures (short), 2008, MicroHorror

The Things That Left Their Skin (short), 2008, Toe Tags anthology

Blink (short), 2008, Flashes in the Dark

The Man With the Cue-ball Eye (short), 2009, unpublished

The Spiders of Honeyville (short), 2009, Toe Tags 2: Blood and Bizarro anthology, The Copeland Valley Sampler, The Bizarro Zombie Anthology That Wouldn’t Die!

Doom Magnetic! (novella), 2009, New Flesh Books, Copeland Valley Press

ZERO [books 1-3] (children’s books), 2009, unpublished

Boom Click Click (short), 2010, The Big Book of Bizarro anthology

The Brothers Crunk (novella), 2010, Grindhouse Press

Insection 8 [originally published as The Third Floor] (short), 2010, Creature Features anthology, The Copeland Valley Sampler

$5 Electric Suzie (short), 2011, The Copeland Valley Sampler

Goddamn Electric Nights (collection), 2011, New Flesh Books

Doom Magnetic!! (novella), 2011, Copeland Valley Press

Doom Magnetic!!! (novella), 2011, Copeland Valley Press

Pick (short), unpublished

Weird Chill (short), unpublished

Slime Night! (novelette), 2012, Copeland Valley Electronics

The Doom Magnetic! Trilogy (novel), 2012, Copeland Valley Press

Spin Doctors Mixtape (short), 2012, Copeland Valley Electronics

More Heat Than Light (short), 2012, unpublished

My Lunar Suicide (short), 2012, La Luna Di Traverso – issue no. 32 (English and Italian translation), (also part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

The Jelly Pumps (short), 2012, Surreal Grotesque – issue no. 12, (also part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

Men With Electric Guns/uomini con i fulcili elettrici (Italian version of The Brothers Crunk), 2012, Black Tooth Press

DeVito & the Deadstuff (novelette), 2012, to be published in 2016 by Carrion Blue under the pseudonym Paul E. Williams

Nosebleed/Cablejuice (novelette), 2013, Doom Fiction (limited release chapbook), (also part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

Hypnagogia (short), 2013, Sex Dwarf anthology, Dynatox Ministries

Doogan: The Inside-Out Cowboy (novelette), 2013, unpublished

Demolition Ya Ya (novella), (part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

Staticmouth/Bloodbuzz (collection), unpublished

Beelzevern! The Satanic Films of JRC (non-fiction/parody, limited edition chapbook), unpublished

Goddamn Electric Nights (short story collection), 2014, Copeland Valley Press

Hearers of the Constant Hum (novel), 2014, Grindhouse Press

Purple Vengeance (55 55-word stories), 2015, 555: Volume One – None So Worthy, Carrion Blue
– Becoming a Moon
– Screaming at the Edge of a Broken Sea
– Never Be Too Hard to Kill
– Human Nature is No Longer Human Nor Nature
– Dying in a Sprint
– I Laugh Because We Are All Nothing And You Think You’re Something
– Some People Say I’m Paranoid, Don’t They?
– Clothing the Naked Eye
– Self-Portrait
– Lift
– Angelhorns & Deviltrombones
– A Glimpse
– Devil’s Day
– Skin
– Break Said Silence
– Echoes
– Sleeptalker
– Comfortable
– The Piano
– The Ruins
– Death to Death
– Someone in America Fired a Gun
– Deathdream
– This Shit is the Future
– Moon is Automatic
– Desert Forgets Stranger
– Hung by Nightmare
– Life in a Small Town
– A Bird on a String
– An Evil in Nashville
– A Thousand Creeping Fingers
– A Light That Never Goes Out
– Total Fucking Sadness
– Swallowing My Goddamn Teeth
– My Sickness
– Modern Guilt
– Something Vacant
– A Perfect Vision With No Hope
– My Sudden Happiness
– Great Fog
– The Cracked Nobody
– Cold Vision
– The Flames of Healing
– A Mental Abyss
– Legend of Eye
– Shards of Spirit
– A Window
– Women
– Lighthouse Man
– Avoiding the River
– Bound to a Storm
– Next Year’s Wolf
– Robots in Heaven
– The Butcher of Dreams
– Becoming the Vulture

Under Green Brain (short), 2015, forthcoming, I, Kaiju Anthology, Bedlam, Book One

How to Destroy the World: A Step-by-Step Guide for Evil Geniuses (short), 2015, unpublished

The Mermaid’s Gallows (novella, limited edition chapbook), 2015, Doom Fiction, (also part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

The Invalids (short story), 2016, forthcoming, Bedlam, Book One

A Flash of Genius (short story), 2016, unpublished

The Church of Death and Nothingness (short story), 2016, forthcoming, Bedlam, Book Three, Flicker: Bizarre Worlds

Nostalgia (short story), 2016, forthcoming, Bedlam, Book Three, Flicker: Bizarre Worlds

Negative Waves (short story), 2016, forthcoming, Bedlam, Book Three, Flicker: Bizarre Worlds

Apokalypsis (short story), 2016, forthcoming, Bedlam, Book Three, Flicker: Bizarre Worlds

White Fuzz (novella), 2016, forthcoming, Bedlam, Book Two

The Edge That Would Not Speak (novelette), 2016, (part of Automated Daydreaming, 2016)

The Deathniks (novel), forthcoming

Automated Daydreaming: The Five Lives of Bricker Cablejuice (novel), 2016, Doom Fiction

o o o o o (television pilot script)

Bizarre Worlds, forthcoming

Sins of the Father (short story), 2016, The Mermaid’s Gallows (Kindle Edition)

The Bedlam Bible: A Strange History of Madness in the Eighth Block Tower, Books 1-7 (short story/novella collections), forthcoming
— Bedlam, Book One: The Tower (TOC: Hypnagogia, The Invalids, & Under Green Brain)
— Bedlam, Book Two: White Fuzz (TOC: White Fuzz)
— Bedlam, Book Three: The Astronaut Dream Book (TOC: Nostalgia Pt 1, Negative Waves, The Church of Death and Nothingness, Apokalypsis, & Nostalgia Pt 2)
— Bedlam, Book Four: Holus Bolus (TOC: Holus Bolus)
— Bedlam, Book Five: Flicker & Fade (TOC: TBA)
— Bedlam, Book Six: Inside Green Brain (TOC: TBA)
— Bedlam, Book Seven: The Cliff (TOC: TBA)

More Heat Than Light (short story/art collection), forthcoming

VVLNA (a Black Earth tale) (co-authored by Joseph Bouthiette Jr.), forthcoming

Naked Brunch (novella), forthcoming

The Astronaut Dream Book (short story collection), forthcoming

o o o o o (film script), 2020

Hearers of the Constant Hum (television pilot script), 2021