Saw my first Toynbee Tile in person today! So funny it happened only a few days after mentioning them in a post.

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WTF is The Naked Brunch?

Zachary T. Owen is a great friend of mine. He makes me laugh like no one else. He’s a good guy and I’m grateful to have him in my life.

With that said, most of our conversations are incredibly stupid, meant only to entertain one another. Zach will say something absurd to me and I will try to top it, then he’ll try to top what I said, and so on.

During one of these conversations something like 6 years ago, we decided that we would write a book together called Naked Brunch. We didn’t talk about what it would be about, just that we would write it.

About 2 years ago we remembered this conversation and decided to follow through with it. We had a publisher interested in it (before it was written), but the publisher doesn’t seem to be publishing much these days (probably because they agree to publish books that have yet to be written), so we both agreed Doom Fiction was the way to go with it.

But that still doesn’t explain just what the hell it is, now does it?

The Naked Brunch is actually 2 books in 1. Zach’s book is called “Naked Brunch” and is essentially an exploration of identity and desperately seeking meaning in the mundanity of life. He manages to do this in the most ridiculous way possible. Zach is hilarious. You’ll love his book.

My book, also titled “Naked Brunch,” is about identity, and appreciating individuality over conformity. It’s simultaneously the most profound and stupidest thing I’ve ever written. The entire book is just stuff I thought would make Zach laugh. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too.

While these 2 books share many parallels, it’s all purely coincidental, as the books were both written in full before Zach and I shared any details concerning our individual projects with one another.

In closing, this book is a lot of fun. If you’re the sort who enjoys both reading and having fun, then this is the book for you. I still can’t believe we actually finished it, haha.

Our follow-up, “Fight Tub,” will be released in Fall of 2029.

The History of Hearers of the Constant Hum (part 7)

Up until about ten minutes ago, I was excited about sharing this part of the book’s history, as it is one of the most insane things anyone has done in response to my work EVER… but after a quick search on YouTube, I just discovered the videos, THE EVIDENCE, have all been deleted! I searched my Facebook page and sure enough the posts are still there, but the videeooooosssss…. gone.

Anyway, I won’t mention his name (since deleting the videos may be his way of saying he wishes he never did it, haha), but not long after Hearers was initially published, a man took it upon himself to EAT MY BOOK. And he recorded himself doing it and uploaded it to YouTube.

I don’t know why he did it, but he did it. And I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Damn it. Those videos were great.