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* despite the name, most likely you will not be harmed by Doom Fiction.


  • The October Country, Pt. 4

    For the next entry in my little Ray Bradbury special, I’d like to explore one of his most popular stories: The Crowd. If you’ve read Bradbury before, there’s a good chance you’ve come across this story, if not in books, then perhaps depicted on television sometime, somewhere. Some of these early science fiction/horror stories are…


    She had a secret.

  • Introducing Doom Portal

    I’m not really sure what’s happening with me. Before I get into what I mean by that, I have to say that this is not a complaint by any means. Whatever it is—planets & stars aligning, organisms in the tap water, or just the right combination of chem trails raining down upon me—it’s glorious. Over…

  • REMINDER: Tomorrow Doom Fiction will be @ Kentucky Pop-Ups Winter Market!

    February 19th, 2023 (Sunday) 11am-5pm Kentucky Pop-Ups Winter Market@ The Convention Center at Rupp Arena430 W Vine StLexington, KY [From the Kentucky Pop-Ups event page on Facebook]: 90 local artists, crafters, and other small creative businesses setting up their shop at the Convention Center in Lexington. Come out and support these emerging creative pursuits! Doom Fiction will have a…

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