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*it’s impossible to read doom fiction safely until you’ve seen this video. Now that you’ve seen it, read reviews here and get your own here [or grab a limited edition or signed copy here].

* despite the name, most likely you will not be harmed by Doom Fiction.


  • ODDITIES THEATER: The Forbidden Zone (Director’s Cut) (1980)

    Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-hi! Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho! It’s Saturday, folks! And here in Doom Fiction Land, we can’t wait for Saturday! Why? Surely you know by now! Say it with me: ‘Cause on Saturdays, WE GET WEIRD! Back when I was writing The Doom Magnetic Trilogy and The Brothers Crunk, I was at the height of my Danny Elfman obsession. […]

  • Resident #4

    He was always so sick.

  • HAULOUT (2022)

    If you have 20 minutes or so, you should watch this film by Maxim Arbugaev and Evgenia Arbugaeva. Stunning!

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