ODDITIES THEATER: Munchausen (2013)

Hey, folks! I got up early this morning and got all my grocery shopping done before the rest of the world was even awake, so for like an hour or so, I really felt ahead of the game today. Then the alarm on my phone went off, reminding me that I still have to finish up the Doom Fiction newsletter AND type up this post….this very post that you’re reading now. I just typed all of that…just now. And that too.

This week’s film is worth the trouble of reading this post, believe me. Forgive me if I’m wasting your time. But you have the time, right? Sure you do, cause it’s Saturday, and you all know what we do around here on Saturdays, right?

That’s right.


I bet you thought I was going to forget, huh? No way. Getting weird is my lifestyle. It’s in my blood…IT IS MY BLOOD. I don’t have actual blood, just WEIRD flowing and pumping through me, night and day.

I hope I don’t one day have a weird attack. Or do I? That actually sounds kind of fun.

Right now you’re thinking, what the fuck is up with this post? If that’s true, then you must be a newbie to Doom Fiction. This is how things operate around here. Welcome! Glad to have you!

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Alright, so what the hell are we watching this week, WPIII?

Well, last week, like many in the weird community, I drove out to the theater to see Beau Is Afraid, Ari Aster’s latest (and greatest) experiment in surrealism (please go see this in theaters as soon as possible so that Hollywood will keep getting weirder and weirder). Oh, and you can read all about my experience with that film here.

Anyway, so the film has been on my mind all week. I’m hoping to see it again very soon. After watching it, I tried scouring the internet for the original short film it’s based on, Ari Aster’s Beau, but no luck. I admit, I didn’t try any longer than three minutes to search for it, so if any of you take four or five minutes to search and actually find it, please please please send it my way. I’d appreciate that very much!

I got off track again. That’s seriously like the third time it’s happened in this post so far. I refuse to go back and edit through this, though. I don’t have the time today! My apologies. Feel free to skip ahead onto the next section, because I’m filling the rest of this paragraph with nonsense sentences that mean nothing and do absolutely nothing to move the plot along. Not that there’s a plot hidden in this mess, but there is a point. So, here’s my point:

During my three minute stomp around the internet, I managed to find a link to an Aster short that I hadn’t seen before, 2013’s Munchausen. It’s a great little Pixar-inspired (yes, you read that right) short that has a not-so-surprising Ari Aster-style ending that I absolutely loved. Aster and I are made of the same electric lunar shit. Our minds are humming along that weird wave. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what he does next.

Okay, so now I’m off to put the finishing touches on this week’s issue of the Doom Fiction newsletter. Check it out on Substack later today!




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