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Exciting news! Saturday saw the launch of the first ever Doom Fiction newsletter on Substack!

Substack is a platform that will hopefully allow me to connect with readers on a more personal level, as I will be sharing content I’ve never shared before, including scans of personal notebooks, sneak peeks at unpublished stories, and even giving readers a chance to read stories AS THEY’RE BEING WRITTEN! Some of this is terrifying to me, as you can imagine, but mostly I’m hoping this total transparency will allow readers some insight into my creative processes, while also holding me accountable to create content daily. Win-win!

There are three subscription tiers for this newsletter: free, paid monthly, & VIP.

It’s a little different from other newsletters in that it unfolds over the course of an entire week. If you’re only interested in becoming a casual subscriber (nothing wrong with that at all! Glad to have you!), then only the first section of the newsletter will be available to you. I’ll be posting that section every Saturday.

For those of you interested in becoming a premium subscriber (for a low monthly fee), you’ll get not only the freebie section of the newsletter, but every Tuesday you’ll also get a sneak peek at yet-to-be published Doom Fiction stories! Every now and then I will post additional content, such as exclusive videos, scans from my personal notebooks, and audiobook streams, just as a way of showing my gratitude for supporting Doom Fiction.

And, lastly, there’s a VIP subscription tier that you would have to be absolutely insane to purchase. Let me tell you why…

Being a writer, I write often (duh). I’ve been cracking at it most of my life, and professionally for nearly two decades now. I have a system that works for me. This subscription tier will give you ultimate access to my creative process. I will share with you not only my daily progress, but also an exclusive look at everything I wrote that day (warts and all!), oh, and any notes from my notebook that may have assisted me during that particular session. Total transparency. This is the absolute closest you can get to sitting on my lap as I write every day. I totally understand that not everyone is interested in that particular (peculiar) perspective, and that’s more than fine! I’m honestly a little nervous to share these things, but…why the hell not? It could help me be more productive. It could help you, too. Probably. Maybe. I don’t know. Probably not.

Anyway, so I try to write something every weekday. I typically take weekends off, but sometimes I have to scratch that writing itch on a lazy Sunday. Whether I have five writing sessions a week or only one, I promise to show you every bloody bit, no matter how excruciating and embarrassing it may be for me. Should be a good time! 😬

Check it out! Subscribe! Oh, and also take a look at the free previews of subscriber-related content I’ll be posting on Monday and Tuesday (this week only)!



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