ODDITIES THEATER: The Video Dead (1987)

It’s Saturday, folks! And… you already know… you know! It’s time to GET WEIRD.

Hell yeah.

I’ve been going through something here lately. In my teens and early twenties, I became obsessed with trash cinema. I watched it almost exclusively. Then one day I just got tired of it, I guess. For the last fifteen years or so, I’ve watched a good mix of everything, but rarely do I dip my toes back into the trash cinema pool. But, as I mentioned, I’m going through something here lately. I’m diving right back in it. Last week, I was a bit under the weather and spent most of that time binge watching old favorites. Even found a couple new favorites too (I’ll try to share those on Oddities Theater in the near future).

The Video Dead was an old favorite of mine. I’ve yet to revisit it, but I’m itching to, so I dug it up on good, ol’ reliable YouTube. I’m posting here more as a reminder to myself to revisit it soon, but figured you all would get a kick out of watching it too. Win-win for everyone.

I’m drinking my first cup of coffee for the day and listening to David Bowie’s Young Americans on vinyl. It’s been a nice morning so far, although I did wake up late today and I never sleep in. Hope I’m okay.

Put your Bowie records on, get a hot cup of java, and absorb the visuals of The Video Dead. Get weird, motherfucker. That’s what we do.

Tomorrow is America’s strangest holiday—Zombie Jesus day, the day where a human-sized bunny shits chocolate eggs all over our lawns and children excitedly collect each one to gobble on later. WTF. And you normies think we’re the weird ones.

Until next time!



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