Hey ya, hey ya, hey ya! It’s Saturday, folks! You know what that means, right?

Say it with me.


That’s right!

Today, I’ll just be honest, I’ve been trying my damndest to get some writing done before the busy portion of my day begins, so this is gonna be a short post today. I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, so my progress on this next novel has slowed tremendously. Every time I think I’m in the clear, I wake up with a new symptom, something just mild enough to throw me off my game completely. So, instead of writing, I’ve just been watching a shit ton of trashy horror flicks. That part’s been fun. Anyway, so yeah, I’m still not at 100%, but I feel like I can get something accomplished, so that’s where I’ll be exerting my energy this morning. Not on this post, sorry.

But that’s not to say we aren’t still gonna get weird! I’ve got a fun one for you today, Peter Manoogian’s Arena. Check some of the screen grabs I’ve posted here, and if you like what you see, give it a shot. It’s a funny little forgotten gem that’s well worth a watch.

As always, head over to Twitter if you want to chat with me about today’s film! Oh, and you can follow me there to keep up with my writing progress as well. I try to post every day, more to hold myself accountable for getting shit done than anything, but hopefully it’ll also inspire you to take time every day for your creative projects as well.

This post was much longer than I hoped it would be. How many screengrabs do I really need? Surely, this is enough. You get the feel of the film, right? I can stop now. Am I just procrastinating? 😬

Okay, okay. Later!



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