ODDITIES THEATER: Inland Empire (2006)

Oh, man… it’s been a weird week. Weird, but good. I’m glad it’s finally Saturday though. Wait… Saturday? You know what we do on Saturday’s, right? We GET WEIRD.

Today we’ll be getting weird with the master of weird himself, Mr. David Lynch! Lynch is my all-time favorite director and overall my favorite creative person ever. He’s amazing and I’ll find his work forever inspirational.

Inland Empire was the last film he put out (hopefully he’ll have another coming soon though), all the way back in 2006! Crazy to think it’s almost been 20 years since Lynch made a movie. He’s given us a lot in these last 20 years though: a handful of short films, daily weather reports, a couple albums worth of great music, and 18 hours of new Twin Peaks, just to name a few.

This film is an absolute fever dream. You’ll love it. So happy I was able to find it for this feature!

Alright, so watch the movie and let me know how you liked it (or hated it). Tonight, I’ll be taking my son to see the new Scream film. He’s obsessed. Should be a great time!

Talk soon!

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