ODDITIES THEATER: Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)

It’s early. And windy. And cold. But it’s still Saturday, right? Climb out of those cozy beds, come on downstairs, and let’s GET WEIRD.

I was so happy to find this week’s film free to stream on YouTube. I looked for it sometime last year and it wasn’t there. All you weird movie YouTubers are saving the goddamn world. Thank you for your service.

This one is a classic, folks. You can’t miss it. Even if you’ve seen it before, see it again. It’s one of my all-time favorites. My weird little brain wouldn’t be the same without it.

So what is it? It’s Shinya Tsukamoto’s 1989 cyberpunk masterpiece Tetsuo: The Iron Man. You’ve heard it mentioned in weird circles before. Now’s your chance to see it for yourself.

So, grab some popcorn! And a sugary beverage! And a napkin, in case you spill any of that shit!

Let’s do this!

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