ODDITIES THEATER: The Apartment (1960)

Guess what, y’all? It’s Saturday, and you know what we do ’round these parts on a Saturday, right? Oh yeah… we GET WEIRD.

Today I’ve got an extra special film for you, Billy Wilder’s The Apartment. I absolutely adore this film. It’s one of those films I now make a point to watch every year. It’s that good.

The Apartment is perfectly-crafted and masterfully-executed. Jack Lemmon wows with his spot on comedic timing and wonderfully dramatic expressions. His acting is a masterclass on form. His charm and theatrical instinct will never cease to amaze me… and he’s not even the heart and soul of the film! No, that role is taken by the incomparable Shirley MacLaine. Wow. She broke my heart. What a brilliant performance. Her pain felt so real to me.

This film may not be the “weird” kind of film we’re used to seeing here on Oddities Theater, but when YouTube posted it as a free stream, I couldn’t resist posting it. It’s just so damn good.

As much as I want to tell you everything I love about this film, I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. The story unfolds brilliantly. Every little branch reveals itself at precisely the right time. No earlier and no later. I swear it… as you’re watching, you’ll be muttering to yourself, “Wilder, you were a fucking genius.”

“I like it this way — makes me look the way I feel.”

Alright alright, so let’s do this! Enjoy the film! We’ll get back to weird next weekend.

Until then!

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