ODDITIES THEATER: Skeleton (1988) / The Jar (1992)

It’s Saturday! Hahahahahahaha! I can hardly believe it! I’M SO HAPPY! Do you want to know why I’M SO HAPPY? HUH? DO YA? Well, I’ll tell you… it’s because… on Saturdays… we… get… WEEEEIIIRRRRRRDDDDDD.

*doing the weird dance*

Oh, and guess what? We’re doing something today we’ve never done before, here on Oddities Theater… we’re doing a D-D-D-DOUBLE FEATURE-E-E-E!

And to top it off, the two videos we’ll be watching today are connected to the posts I made earlier in the week!

I wrote about a couple of my favorite stories from Ray Bradbury’s The October Country collection. If you read those posts and thought the stories sounded fun, then you’re in for a real treat today.

Today we’ll be watching both “Skeleton” and “The Jar” from the anthology series Ray Bradbury Theater!

*resumes weird dancing*

It’s only 9am and I’ve already had a week’s worth of coffee this morning. Let’s do this!


The Jar


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