Creep of the City

I’m just a creep of the city, wandering the streets with no place to go, living off the things you warm people toss to the curb. When I’m not wandering, I’m collecting and gluing and sewing, attempting to make these ugly, unwanted things… beautiful.

When you open your doors and see me here on the street, I show you my bloody, withered hands and all the art I’ve made from your junk, and every last one of you react the same way—appalled, horrified, disgusted.

Scoff all you want, it won’t stop me from doing my part in cleaning up this mess. I can only work with what you give me, after all, and the way I see it, these horrid little dog-faced sculptures are infinitely better than the things you put out into the world.

(C) William Pauley III, 2023



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