Hey, weirdos… IT IS TIME. Yes yes yes, it’s Saturday! Even though it’s also Christmas Eve, it won’t stop us from GETTING WEIRD, right? Right.

Today we’re gonna get weird with a mainstream film from the early 90s. Mainstream doesn’t translate to bad, by the way. I love plenty of mainstream films. They’ve proved time and time again that they too can be weird.

Take this one, for example. The Mask was based on a comic book series of the same name, one that was so zany and cooky it would have been unfilmable just a few years before. But in 1994 they had the right technology and they had the right leading man. Jim Carrey has given us lots of entertaining weirdness over the years. Sir, we here at Oddities Theater salute you. Thanks for fully embracing your inner weird.

Alright, people. Let do this. Let’s get weird on Christmas Eve! Enjoy your movie and enjoy whatever holiday you are celebrating, if any at all. Take care, my friends… and stay warm.

Oh, and next week, to celebrate both 2023 *and* the one year anniversary of Oddities Theater, we have a very special feature that likely not many of you have seen. Can’t wait to share it with you! See you then.


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