ODDITIES THEATER: Bobby Yeah (2011)

It’s Saturday again! Let’s get weird!

It’s been a while since we’ve screened a short film. Let’s do one of those today, shall we? I’ve got just the one…

This film is only twenty some odd minutes long, but holy hell is it a whopper. Pure nightmare fuel, as they say. What is it? See if you can guess:

For those of you who guessed Robert Morgan’s Bobby Yeah from 2011, you probably read it in the heading for this blog entry. 😬 However, if you would’ve gotten it right from the screen grab alone, color me impressed!

It’s a weird one, right? It very well may be TOO WEIRD for some of you folk. If so, how they hell did you find this website? You don’t read Doom Fiction, do you? WEIRD OR DIE! WEIRD OR DIE! WEIRD OR DIEEEEEEE!

Whoa… I got a bit carried away there. How was your Thanksgiving? Good? Good. I’m still reeling from the gravy fumes, clearly. Groovy.

Okay. Here’s the movie.

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