ODDITIES THEATER: Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

It’s Saturday! You know what we do around these parts on a Saturday, right? Say it with me… we GET WEIRD.

Today is no exception.

I may be running around, scrambling to get the car packed up for the $20 Art Market today, but that won’t stop me from getting weird. Today we’re gonna get weird with a legend, Mr. John Carpenter!

How about this… why don’t you put this movie on, have a cup of coffee and a donut or two (it’s Saturday, so it’s okay. Saturday’s for sinning), then come down to Greyline Station in Lexington, KY and check out the $20 Art Market! Over 20 local artists will be selling their art for only $20 each. Doom Fiction will have a table there and we’ll be selling books 2 for $20 AND all sales will include a free TOOTHbrush. Yes, a TOOTHbrush. You’ll see what I mean once you arrive at our booth. The kids are gonna love it.

We’ll be there between noon and 4pm!

Alright alright alright… time to get weird. See you at the market!

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