ODDITIES THEATER: Demonoid (1981)

Oh, hi there… didn’t notice you came in. Come on now, have a seat and join me. It’s Saturday, you know, and you remember what we do here on Saturdays, right? RIGHT? Yeah, that’s right. We GET WEIRD.

Today we’ll be getting weird with an old flick that’s new to me, Alfredo Zacarias’ DEMONOID. The trailer looks insane and Roger Avery and Quentin Tarantino are big fans, so there’s a good chance we’ve got a winner here. I was happy to find it available on YouTube. *happy Demonoid dance*


Wait… who was that? No dancing?


Weirdos DO dance! We all dance! Some of us don’t have much time for anything else!

“Hold me… I’m lonely…”

I don’t even know you, disembodied voice floating in the air!


Okay. Where were we? Oh yeah, Demonoid. Let’s get to it, shall we?

D E M O N O I D !!!!!!!!