1000 ratings!

Incredible! Doom Fiction books now have 1000 ratings on Goodreads! We celebrated 900 ratings on June 13th, and here we are just 3 weeks later sitting at 1000. Outstanding. Mind officially blown.

Things are moving so fast I can hardly keep up with it all! You all are seriously the best ever, and that’s why I’m now doing the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done…

300 books! Yes, I’ll be giving away 300 books over the next few days! Everyone is eligible to enter!

The books I’ll be giving away will be the three pictured above: The Tower, White Fuzz, and The Astronaut Dream Book. <—click the titles to access the link for each giveaway.

Good luck! And seriously, thank you so so so much. Knowing these weird little stories are connecting with you all means the world to me. Thank you!

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