ODDITIES THEATER: Crimes of the Future (1970)

It’s Saturday, so let’s get weird!

Like many of you, I’ll be heading out to the theaters this weekend to see David Cronenberg’s new film Crimes of the Future. David Cronenberg! The Baron of Blood! Can you believe it?

This is Cronenberg’s first new film in 8 years, following 2014’s excellent Maps to the Stars. It’s his first body horror film since 1999’s mind blowing eXistenZ. I, for one, cannot be more excited for this film. Cronenberg is one of my all-time favorite directors. He never disappoints.

This year’s film is not to be confused with an earlier film of his (one of his very first), also titled Crimes of the Future. This early film is the one we’re watching today on Oddities Theater. I figured it would make for a nice double feature, although by what I can tell from the trailer, the new film is quite different.

Hope to see you all at the theater this weekend! Until then…

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