ODDITIES THEATER: Super Mario Bros. [The Morton Jankel Cut] (1993)

S A T U R D A Y ! So let’s get weird!

Today’s film is a film I’ve loved since I was a kid, 1993’s Super Mario Bros. Hey, I know it’s not a perfect film (in fact, I’d like it better if the first 25 minutes were cut out completely), but the more I think about this movie the more I love it.

How did this even get made? It’s so incredibly bizarre for a mainstream film. The casting is soooo wrong and the story/visuals have little to do with the popular game franchise, so what the fuck are we even watching? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? I need answers.

Even more ridiculous is that someone took this film, found all the scenes that were initially removed from the final cut, then replaced them. This is the version we’ll be watching today—The Morton Jankel Cut. I’ve been meaning to watch this version since it first popped up online, but just decided today’s the day to finally dive in. I’ve only watched the first half hour so far and the added scenes are totally pointless, hahaha. Hopefully we get a gem or two in here somewhere, but maybe not. Guess we’ll see.


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