It’s Saturday, folks… so let’s get weird!

Today’s weird film is Vincenzo Natali’s Cube. This one was a big trend-setter in horror, inspiring a chain of flicks featuring a group of people waking in a strange place where they’re experimented on and relentlessly tortured. The list of movies influenced by Cube is nearly endless. Saw, Vital, The Platform, and even the recent smash hit series Squid Game, wouldn’t exist without Cube.

I love when something totally unique and weird gets the attention of mainstream audiences, as with last week’s weird film, The Terminator. I feel there’s a small part in everyone that adores bizarre stories, but so few actively seek them out. Don’t be afraid to let that freak flag fly high! Celebrate uniqueness! Start with today’s film and proceed from there…

Hope you dig it. See you again next week!

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