Now Streaming: Automated Daydreaming – Episodes Seven & Eight!

This week saw the release of two new Automated Daydreaming podcast episodes, Episodes Seven and Eight. Episode Seven is the entirety of Demolition Ya Ya, making the episode the longest of the entire series at nearly one and a half hours. Episode Eight is the third part of Adam’s story.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, or YouTube.

This coming Monday we’ll see everything come together in the penultimate episode, which goes through the entirety of The Edge That Would Not Speak, then the series finale will begin streaming on the following Thursday (3/24/22)!

Hopefully you all are digging it so far. It seems a good deal of you are tuning in every week, so thank you all! Maybe I’ll try it again sometime with another story. Until then, you can listen to many of my books in audio format here.

See you on Saturday for Oddities Theater!

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