NOW AVAILABLE: White Fuzz (audiobook)

Franklin feels alone in life. One fateful night, he gets a curious text from a stranger, Lynda, another resident of his apartment building. She convinces him to come over, against his better judgment, and surprisingly the night seems to be going great, despite a little awkwardness.

However, it’s clear that Lynda is living with demons that are in desperate need of exercising, as everything inside her apartment seems to trigger some dark memory buried deep within her psyche. In hopes of helping her escape the prison that is her home, he invites her over to his place, but the problems only get worse, to the point he fears she won’t make it through the night.

Just when he feels the evening has reached peak insanity, he discovers her madness is rubbing off on him…

Narrated by: Connor Brannigan

Listen to White Fuzz now!


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