The History of Hearers of the Constant Hum (part 6)

Two characters from Hearers have appeared in several of my stories: Divey and Reynold Crunk. There’s no real reason for them showing up, most of the time, other than the fact that their interactions with one another are just a lot of fun to write.

To date, they have shown up in four of my stories: The Brothers Crunk, Doom Magnetic!!!, Hearers of the Constant Hum, and in an as of yet unpublished story in The Bedlam Bible.

Design by Brandon Duncan

Although The Brothers Crunk was written before any of the other books/stories, chronologically the story takes place after all of them… meaning the last we heard from the duo, one of them was an ostrich.

I have a few projects on my plate right now, but eventually I’d like to give their story closure. I’m sure I’ll get to it some day. Until then, I’ll be working diligently on the stories of The Bedlam Bible and another project I’ve yet to announce.


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