When I turned 33 years old, I made a promise to myself that I would be more proactive in working on both my mental and physical health. I made a series of lifestyle changes and even a few sacrifices. I won’t bore you with the details of these choices, but my reason for even bringing it up is just to say that one of those sacrifices was severing all ties with the writing community. While I have met many amazing people within this community, I found that keeping up with all the politics that go along with it really brought a lot of negativity into my life. It stung a bit at first, dragging that blade through the many tethers that once connected me to the hive mind, but ultimately this decision has been good for me. I am happy now.

Although I haven’t been active in publishing in the last few years, I never once stopped writing. Writing is an obsession and I couldn’t give it up, even if I tried. So… long story short, 4 years later, I am happy and healthy and sitting on a tower of OOP/unpublished titles, all of which I own 100% of the rights. The thought of diving back into the world of publishing honestly makes my brain throb, so I figured, what the hell, instead of shopping things around and playing by everyone else’s rules, I’ll just start my own publishing house.

So, anyway, this is the official announcement:

DOOM FICTION is no longer just a website housing miscellaneous scribblings I’ve done over the years, it is now a slow-churning machine that will occasionally spit out hardcover and paperback books, digital editions, and audiobooks — mostly stuff written by me, William Pauley III.

This year, I plan to get my first two novels back into print, Hearers of the Constant Hum and Automated Daydreaming, respectively.

Doom Fiction will also be releasing a double novella later this year entitled The Naked Brunch, a project in collaboration with my good friend Zachary T. Owen. Zach and I jokingly created this fake book one day in conversation, and the idea was too funny to pass on. Independently, we both wrote seemingly disconnected novellas, but we were thrilled to see there were many overlaps in theme that make the two stories a perfect pairing for the project.

All three of these books are expected to see release sometime in Autumn of 2021.

One last thing… over the years, I have had countless inquiries over the status of The Bedlam Bible. I have been obsessively chipping away at the block, and the good news is that I am nearly finished with it! This project will no doubt be the most ambitious of my entire writing career. It will be well over 300,000 words in total, and span just about every genre and subgenre in all of literature. Having said that, I still have plenty of work to do on it, but rest assured, it is coming! When it is finally finished, all seven books will be published together in a single, massive tome. Until then, you can still get the first two books here (while supplies last).

Thanks to anyone who read through all of this, and I hope you will enjoy the many projects DOOM FICTION will be releasing in the coming years!

Take care of yourselves and others. xoxo


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