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*it’s impossible to read doom fiction safely until you’ve seen this video. Now that you’ve seen it, read reviews here and get your own here [or grab a limited edition or signed copy here].

* despite the name, most likely you will not be harmed by Doom Fiction.


  • RESIDENT #12

    He wasn’t winning any awards.

  • EVENT: Halftone Zine Fest

    DOOM FICTION x Halftone Zine Fest5.13.2321c Lexington I’ll be selling copies of a new zine called DOOGAN: THE INSIDE-OUT COWBOY. Fans of The Doom Magnetic Trilogy will remember this character. Poor ol’ Doogan had his body turned inside-out in the opening pages, but that didn’t stop him from going on adventures! To see what he’s…

  • ODDITIES THEATER: Critters (1986)

    I barely woke up today. I came out of this last sleep in the same way a corpse might crawl out of its grave. It wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m not supposed to be here. But I’m here. And it’s Saturday. And you know what we do on Saturday’s, right? Even if we’re technically supposed…

  • RESIDENT #11

    He had a lot of heart.

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