ODDITIES THEATER: Robocop (1987)

It's Sssssssaturday! Let'ssssssssssss get weeeeiiiiirrrrrrrddddddd! Someone mentioned that we haven't had a Paul Verhoeven film featured on Oddities Theater yet. That can't be! But then I took a glance at the list of films we've shared so far and guess what? They were right. 😱 That simply won't do. Tonight, we're righting this wrong. Lucky … Continue reading ODDITIES THEATER: Robocop (1987)

ODDITIES THEATER: Bobby Yeah (2011)

It's Saturday again! Let's get weird! It's been a while since we've screened a short film. Let's do one of those today, shall we? I've got just the one... This film is only twenty some odd minutes long, but holy hell is it a whopper. Pure nightmare fuel, as they say. What is it? See … Continue reading ODDITIES THEATER: Bobby Yeah (2011)

$20 Art Market

This coming Saturday (11.19.22) you can find me at Greyline Station in Lexington, KY. There will be a $20 Art Market and Doom Fiction will have a table. We'll be selling books 2 for $20 & all book purchases include a free "toothbrush"—see picture. We'll also be selling these hand-painted hanging skull planters for $20 … Continue reading $20 Art Market