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*it’s impossible to read doom fiction safely until you’ve seen this video. Now that you’ve seen it, read reviews here and get your own here [or grab a limited edition or signed copy here].

* despite the name, most likely you will not be harmed by Doom Fiction.



    Today only! All books in the Doom Fiction store are 50% off! That means $5 signed paperbacks! $12.50 signed hardcovers! Limited stock, so get what you want before it’s gone! Use promo code: HITME at checkout. Q: Why are Doom Fiction books so cheap during a full moon? A: Watch video.

  • ODDITIES THEATER: A Trip to the Moon (1902)

    Hey, hey! It’s Saturday! And you know what we’re do in these parts on a Saturday, right? You got it! We GET WEIRD. Today we’ll be watching our oldest film yet, here on Oddities Theater, Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon (1902). I wanted to post this one today in honor of Doom Fiction’s […]


    He always finds a way to keep warm.

  • FULL MOON sale on Sunday!

    Just a reminder that you can snag all items in the Doom Fiction store at HALF PRICE this coming Sunday (2/5)! Paperbacks will be marked down to $5 and hardcovers will be $12.50! And, as always, all books will be signed by the author. Use promo code HITME at checkout. Q: Why are Doom Fiction […]

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